Hi Web-surfing people! Or should I say Bloggers? Let’s just call you Curious Pearson …get it? Because of this Blogs name?… Never mind!

The reason I created this, is just simply to give feedback on random things I find in the endless hours of scrolling and browsing for nothing, just giving another human’s point of view. For example, ever been on Pinterest and see all these awesome things and wonder … is it true? will it look that great? (I mostly wonder and barely do) 

Or, what are the thoughts of the creator of this blog (me) of a certain topic.

Or, stuff that pops in to the kids heads that makes me think and search, so why not post? … And so on and so on…

Also, I’m learning about this Blogging thing while having a full-time job, full-time school and full-time kids!!!

Well I think this is it….for now…

Till next time Curious Pearson!


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