Broken Scale?!

Let’s begin with a little background. Everyday waking up is like a garbage truck dumped all over you and then backed it up and moved forward (over and over), then you go by your day in auto-pilot, wanting nothing more than to go back to that fluffy sanctuary you call a bed.

With all that, something has to be done! Take charge! But…where to start? Well, lets start with “The Google”! Just typed some random words about tiredness, sleepiness, all the “ness” you can come up with. All the research (and significant other) said the same exact thing… EXERCISE! Boom! That simple right? Let’s just get energy by getting tired. Right? Well at first I was like no way, that doesn’t make ANY sense. But then I did it and yes, after a WHOLE MONTH of going to the Gym, FIVE DAYS a Week, (for an HOUR each day) waking up in the mornings is no that bad. The only difference is that the energy levels have improve a bit, there’s still low days but out of the 7 days 4 are OK.

So now that I’m one of those Gym people, lets work with weight-loss. Want to loose 10 pounds first, you know, a small goal so it won’t be so devastating passing months and months and not feeling accomplished or something like that. So after TWO months watching what I eat, going to the gym and hitting the cardio…I gained 3 pounds!!!

How is that possible! Let’s “Google it”. But first let’s see what Pintrest have to say…recipes and miracle fixes. This is the easy way out, I have tried Chia Seeds, Protein Powders, Detox, Green Tea, Ginger Tea, B12 drops…alone…and together. Still, NOTHING! THE SCALE WONT BUDGE!

Well, on to “The Google” and BOOM, first thing is NOT to use the scale as a measuring instrument by it self!!!! REALLY, now you tell me! We will need a measuring tape for different areas to see if we are loosing inches! And wait, that’s not all, muscle weights more than FAT. So if you are trying to loose weight, don’t! STOP! WE HAVE IT ALL WRONG. We want weight, but the good kind. From now on, repeat after me “I’m fat loosing”, “Fat-loss not Weight-loss” and so on, so on.

So that’s why the SCALE won’t budge! Curiosity made me smarter! LOL


Till Next Time,



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