Minecraft … is it worth it?

Spoiler Alert! Yes, yes it is. It’s a must have game for kids. 

Why such a BOLD confirmation you wonder? Or not even wonder? It does’t matter…I’m gonna explain it anyways!

But first let’s get a history lesson shall we:

It all started in 2009. The game was first called “Cave Game”, then someone suggested the game to be called Minecraft (an analogy to the game starcraft). In 2010, it passes 100,000 registered users. The next year surpases 1 million sales. In that same year youtube was the host to the Minecraft: Pocket Edition trailer. In 2013 Minecraft announced the game for the playstation platform. Minecraft was bought by Microsoft the following year. They announce and released Minecraft Story Mode. 

But, what is this game really about?

I see it like a fusion of Lego and Science, since it has blocks for building anything you can imagine and to get those blocks you have to mix up elements.

It’s an educational game. For my family is more than that…

It all started when my kid graduated kindergarden and my mom gave him Minecraft as a graduation gift. Till this day he still remembers that moment. It was a scary moment for us, you know, it seemed really difficult to play, and it can be frustrated to a kid (I still can’t figure out the game) but for our amazement he was a natural! A 6 year old playing a really confusing game. 

The reason of my “must have” comment is that Minecraft made my kid want to try meat. Yup… just like you read it. My kid wasn’t a regular picky eater, he was a no meat eating (of any kind) kid. No offense for Vegetarians or Non-Meat eating pearson out there, truth is that in my family meat is kind of a main course. Sometimes it was really frustrating because his menu was extremely limited.  The reason he didn’t want to eat meat was (his words) that “people can’t eat animals because they are cute”, and don’t get me started with not wanting to eat carrots (thats a whole different story) “that’s rabbit food, then they won’t have food”…anyways, going back to the meat thing. We get it, animals are adorable, so we didn’t force it. We tried reason but it got us nowhere. 

He started to play the game. That’s when things changed. Somehow, Minecraf convibced him that eating meat is ok, it’s part of the circle of life. This is because, the main character, Steve, needs to eat meat to survive and for this to happen, he needs to chop up a cow, cook it and eat it (or something like that). Boom! He learn that meat is good for you, ill take that! 

That’s our personal reason. But really…

The other awesome thing of this game is that you have to combine elements to create materials and use that to build anything you can imagine. I was curious about the benefits of the game, so I searched and found that teachers are using the game in class rooms for different subjects and there’s a bunch of books and activities you can use at home to help kids with different school subjets. 

I started questioning my own kid and it’s fascinating all the information he knows just by playing the game. In school he is doing great at math, in fact he says he wants to be a math teacher! Or an architect (once we told him there’s a field of building designing) 

There is so much more to write about this, will def edit this post in the future!

If not… thanks for reading! 

Till the Next Topic!



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