Chemicals to Clean?

Hello people! That’s the question… I was thinking about chemicals , right, so when we get a spill most people grabs some type of chemical to clean it. Ok, to desinfect with something we can barely pronounce. That is for cleaning stuff, but about ourselves? Yes! Also with the products with those ingredients we can’t even pronounce. Taking a shower with those products, smelling good because of them, getting sick and getting better with them..etc, etc, etc.

Let’s be realistic for a moment or two. For those of us with a hectic life, going to the market (or ordering online) is much simpler than sitting down and making everything we need from scratch with natural (or trending word “organic”) ingredients. But to ease my mind and feel 2 percent less guilty, one should start somewhere.

So, lately I have been trying to get more natural/organic, home made stuff (not made by me, no talent here).
Where to start? Well, this is how I started, thinking about the past.

You see, my parents and their parents, were raised in a culture were everything that they ate was grown and/or raised in their backyard. Chickens, pigs, goat milk, eggs, ducks, yam, plantain, pinapple, oranges, lemon, spices, etc. It was a simple life, but most important, a healthy long life. 

Thats the thing, the healthy part, the part we are missing, and for that CHANGES need to be made. Let’s start with that!

It’s simple, right? No! well in those times maybe, but now…now is so difficult! So many brands, prices, or lack of genuine aspect, no time, so on and so on!

CHALLENGE #1: Grow your own food.

For starters, I tried to start a home garden with actual fruit and veggies…key word TRIED!…since I grew 1 tomato, (yes only one and then the bush just went bye bye)… two pepers, lettuce died, lemon tree died, and a beautiful papaya tree that was male so no fruit! Yea, didn’t know trees had gender. 

Result: Epic FAIL

Action taken:

So now, I just buy the fruit and veggies. The trick to eat more of them is to stack them in the kitchen counter…if you see them you will eat them. At least always have apple and bananas available (recently a Doctor told me “an apple a day keeps me away”) 

CHALLENGE #2: Try Organic Products to clean thy self.

Action taken:


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